Course Learning Outcomes For English 110

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As I reflect on my work at the end of this semester, I am able to see how much I have improved as a writer. I have learned my weaknesses through peer reviews, and the feedbacks that I received from you. This cover letter will address four of the course learning outcomes for English 110 such as, how to write effectively using a number of rhetorical strategies and patterns, demonstrate the ability to synthesize materials drawn from multiple sources using critical reflection and independent judgment, write a research paper of 2,500 words, and carry out essential steps in the writing process. I enclosed three works that I have submitted for this course which are, “The Journey of a Small Town Girl,” “The Wright Brothers,” and my research paper titled “The Dirty Dozen.”

My purpose in writing the literacy narrative was to let different audiences to have a taste of what the struggle of an immigrant is like. This was the first paper that I had to write for this class and it was the easiest out of all. I got to express my struggles in a very unique way. During my peer review session for this paper, I was able to see my mistakes such as verb tense agreement, word choice and awkward phrasing. I learned to not use abbreviations throughout this piece because a mixed audience may not be familiar with them.

I think the best part of my narrative is my introduction and conclusion. My introduction sets a mysterious tone by stating “I always wondered how would my life…” By starting the
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