Course Management : Personal Reflection

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Moodle Course Management System– Personal Reflection Part 1: My Contributions to the Project The purpose of the project was to build a Course Management System to help teachers design courses online, manage the activities in the course and effectively communicate with students in their class and collaborate with them in the course. I performed the role of a business analyst. As a business analyst, I had to understand the process of course management, how it has been handled till date in the college and documenting these processes in detail for the rest of the project team to understand. I was nervous in the beginning, as his only knowledge on business analysis was what was learnt through classroom learning. With no practical experience, I started analysing the processes and documenting them. I could find that the principles learnt in class were clear and applicable to actual case and I found that I could tell the processes and how to understand them quickly as experience was gained in this role. To understand the client business, in this case, the course management systems in college, I used the Models during this course in the form of feature model, use case model, data flow diagram model and user interface model. These models were used to understand the expected requirements of the course management system. The proposal for the project was submitted to instructor for the development of the course management system. When this proposal was envisaged, developed and
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