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Lab 5.1 Connect the Internetwork Lab Review Questions 1. For what purpose is a transceiver used? A transceiver can be used for converting one type of Ethernet connector to another or by converting one type of I/O port to an Ethernet port. 2. This lab connects routers directly to each other via serial cables. Is this a typical configuration? No, By default, Cisco routers are DTE (Data Terminal Equipment)/ DCE (Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment) If not, to what equipment does the DCE end of the serial cable usually connect? If Router A is connected to the DTE end of the cable, Router B must be connected to the DCE end 3. What does a rollover (console) cable look like? Rollover cable is often used to connect a computer terminal to a…show more content…
Refer to Figure 5-2. What will the host name of your router be? lab-a 2. Which interfaces is your router using? F0/0, F0/1, and S0/3/0 3. What are the IP addresses and subnet masks for those interfaces? and, and, and 4. What is the enable secret password? class 5. What is the enable password? cisco 6. What is the VTY password? cisco 15. There is another way to access the initial configuration dialog other than being prompted for it automatically as a consequence of having erased the contents of NVRAM. You can use the setup command at the privileged EXEC mode prompt. Press Enter if necessary to reach the user EXEC mode prompt. What does this prompt look like? Greater than symbol (>) 16. Type enable and press Enter to access privileged EXEC mode, which is also known as enable mode. You should be prompted for the enable secret password you configured in the system configuration dialog. How do you know you are being prompted for the enable secret password and not the enable password? Because the secret password was set during the initial setup process 17. Type class and press Enter. How did the prompt change? lab-a> to lab-a# Review Questions 1. When configuring a router, when would you choose basic management setup rather than extended setup? You would use basic management setup when you only need to configure
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