Course Name : Dbrm701 Strategic Retailing Enterprise And Management Essay

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 Course Name: DBRM701 STRATEGIC RETAILING ENTERPRISE AND MANAGEMENT  Assignment 1  Name: INDRA KUMAR JAKHOTIA  ID NO:12001438  Tutor: Mr JOHN PIPPOS “INTRODUCTION” Golf is a precision club sport game in which competing players or golfers use various clubs to hit Balls into a series of holes. It is one of the few Ball games that do not require a standardizes playing area, instead the Game is played on a course, In general consisting of an arranged progression of either nine or 18 holes. Each hole on the course must contain a tee box to start from, and a putting green containing the actual hole. There are 397 golf courses in New Zealand; almost 500,000 adults play golf each year in New Zealand, making golf the highest participation sport in the country. It stands No.1 sport for men and second for the women. It is increasing the popularity of golf in New Zealand. It is one of the innovative sports in New Zealand which every one participate in playing golf. New Zealand has a long history with Golf as Scottish pioneers presented the diversion over a century prior. It’s been fashion to play Golf for a wide range of men and women in now a day’s more people in New Zealand prefer to play a Golf with younger to elderly people across the country . It is unique to everyone across the country who loves to play mostly the business people and elderly people. MAJOR
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