Course Outline For A Project On Aviation

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GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY GRIFFITH AVIATION COURSE CODE 3512BPS COURSE TITLE MANAGING PROJECTS IN AVIATION ASSESSMENT ITEM NUMBER ASSIGNMENT 1 ASSESSMENT TITLE THE TRANSAIR KESTREL 2100 PROJECT DUE DATE 17/10/2014 STUDENT NAME DOVYDAS GRIGUTIS STUDENT ID NUMBER S2802343 COURSE CONVENER/TUTOR NAME TARRYN KILLE/BARRY SUTHERLAND NUMBER OF WORDS Key Item Mark Max Examiner’s Comment (optional except when the mark is below half of the maximum) Title (1%). What is being discussed with the title matching the essay aim. When the assignment is addressing a set question, the topic needs to consistent with the set question. Description/Clarity - consistent with the set question (where appropriate) 1 Introduction (10%). Introduces the subject,…show more content…
References from authoritative sources should be used with a good essay linking one discussion point with the next one. Care should be taken in the construction of the themes including rational development and argument in support of the thesis statement. Originality 10 Relevance of Content - meeting the stated aim of the paper and, where appropriate, addressing the set question 10 Demonstration of Theoretical Knowledge 10 Rational Development (including personal perspectives) 10 Quality and Extent of Research 10 Conclusion (10%). Provide a summary of the main ideas presented including the relevance of any major points made, provide a clear statement that the aim has been met, and comment on the ongoing significance of the topic including any recommendations or need for further discussion or comment. 10% of word count. Summary 5 Aim Achievement 3 Implications and/or verdict 6[b1] General (25%). All referencing to be in accordance with APA style. List of references and any appendices are not counted in word count. Format and spacing to be in accordance with Course Profile assessment criteria or other information provided during the course. Other areas in accordance with standing practices. In Text Referencing 5 List of References 5 Required Format (including spacing) 5 Grammar & Sentence Structure 5 Spelling 3 Punctuation 2 Total 100 Contents: 1.
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