Course Phed-1106-Py1 Walking and Fitness

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Course PHED-1106-PY1 Walking and Fitness
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Question 1
2 out of 2 points Who is responsible for a person's level of physical fitness?
Selected Answer: c. the individual
Question 2
2 out of 2 points Side stitches are usually common among which group:
Selected Answer: 2. the beginner to exercise
Question 3
2 out of 2 points Resting heart rate_____ with exercise.
Selected Answer: b. decreases
Question 4
0 out of 2 points The energy system for muscle contraction during the first few seconds of exercise is the:
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Question 13
2 out of 2 points The following muscles need to be stretched, lack of flexibility in which group causes the most injuries
Selected Answer: c. Hamstrings and lower back
Question 14
0 out of 2 points For aerobic workouts lasting over an hour you should include this in your fluid intake.
Selected Answer: a. Protein
Question 15
0 out of 2 points Twisting, bending, and pressing on a walking shoe is a way in which to test the shoe’s:
Selected Answer: 1. stability
Question 16
2 out of 2 points The maximal amount of oxygen that the human body is able to utilize per minute of physical activity is the definition of
Selected Answer: b. max VO2
Question 17
2 out of 2 points The duration of an exercise session is called:
Selected Answer: c. Time
Question 18
2 out of 2 points The best advise about replacing fluids during the less than one hour exercise is to:
Selected Answer: e. drink water before, after, and during exercise.
Question 19
0 out of 2 points A person who is using walking or jogging in an effort to improve muscular strength violates the principle of:
Selected Answer: a. overload
Question 20
2 out of 2 points Which is the major contribution factor to premature death in our society?
Selected Answer: d. lifestyle
Question 21
0 out of 2 points Which is not a mode of

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