Course Project On The Coast Of Texas

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Final Course Project Erica M. Lanier DeVry University HIM 410-60895 Course Project On the coast of Texas just outside of Houston is a county called Galveston County. People like to vacation here throughout the year even if it is just the Houstonians getting away from the city. There is plenty for people to do here from walking the beaches of Galveston, enjoying the recently built Pleasure Pier on the seawall, or the Boardwalk Plaza located in the town of Kemah to name a few of the most popular. These are the things people who visit enjoy yet the people who live here for the most part either work there or rarely visit the “Attractions”. The people that make up this county are not rich and for the most part barely get by. It is an…show more content…
(Bureau, State and County QuickFacts: Galveston County, Texas, 2014) Like most counties it has its share of unemployment and people without health coverage. The unemployment statistics in 2012 was at 12,288 we can assume that is a good portion of the below the poverty line people unless there is a spouse in the house making good money. (Bureau, American FactFinder: Galveston County, Texas, 2008-2012) Health coverage which seems to be the big thing for getting taken care of unless you enter an emergency room in dire need is a lacking for most. There are statistics in the Census Factfinder that states the breakdown of coverage for Galveston County to be as follows: HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE-Galveston County, Texas (Information taken from the U.S. Census) Civilian non-institutionalized population 289,091 With health insurance coverage 235,904 With private health insurance 194,524 With public coverage 68,937 No health insurance coverage 53,187 Figure 1 Figures in table taken from Looking at these figures actually shows a grim picture there is 53,187 people in the county estimated to have
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