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Course Project: Applied Information Technology Project Objectives | Guidelines | Milestones | Course Project Outline | Course Project Proposal and Milestones | Course Project Overall Table of Contents | Course Project Technical Areas | | Objective | | Provide an efficient means for students to develop various aspects of a technical/business proposal throughout the course. There are three papers that build on each other through the session to give the students experience in taking a concept and expanding on it. | | Guidelines | | * Choose a base idea that is expanded through a series of three milestones throughout the course. * These can be completely oriented toward business or could also be topics that…show more content…
The paper could describe how ERP or CRM or supply chain functionality would be used. In the example, this could be how a business person would access this type of information. When it comes to security, it can be tied nicely into what you have already written and you can describe the types of security, etc., required for their paper. Again, by way of example, the issues of security with mobile devices and in social networks would be a topic that would be interesting. | | Course Project Proposal and Milestones | | The Proposal and the three milestones are a single document. Submit the entire, growing document for each milestone and be sure to include a table of contents. Proposal: 1. Describe the overall proposal in terms of the business problem being solved. Some ideas are: a. Lack of competiveness and or profitability b. Inefficient processes c. Slow product development d. Obsolete IT organization and technologies e. Poor corporate communications f. Ongoing personnel issues 2. Indicate the benefits it will provide the organization. This can be things like: a. Financial – profitability, revenue, product costs… b. Improved competitiveness c. Better marketing positioning d. Efficiency in key processes, e.g., sales, manufacturing,
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