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Overcoming Communication Shortfalls
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GM591 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Patrick Kinane
April 18, 2010

Overcoming Communication Shortfalls
The organization that will be used as the topic of my course project will be my current employer, Cullum Detuners, Ltd. (CDL). CDL is a design-build company that provides acoustic support for the gas turbine industry. The headquarters for the company is U.K. based and employs mainly British personnel for the management team. Over the last few years the company has been extremely profitable but growth has been stagnant. Workload
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This total breakdown in communication is pictured from a top/down issue and will need a managerial resolution to resolve this problem. In light of this discovery we need to ask the following question: What can we do to correct the lack of communication between departments and directors?

Literature Review
In reference to the question listed in the previous paragraph regarding interoffice communications, we must consider that the true issue may be repressed within the obvious surface problem. To complete a better understanding of this topic an interview was accomplished with a fellow middle manager working within the same department. The interview with Ian Tewson developed over a period of three weeks. (I. Tewson, personal communication, April 15th, 2010) Inside this interview many topics surrounding this event were discussed and opinions were shared to reach the conclusion presented in this paper. Through the conversations the same topic surfaced over and over again in regards to company communication or the lack thereof. Ian Tewson has worked for the company for over twenty-five years and has seen tremendous growth and loss over this lengthy duration. But through the conversations the issue of communication difficulty has only recently surfaced. This lack of communication within the departments has
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