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Walt Disney Company Adriana Arroyo Course Project ACCT 307 August 19, 2012 Professor Stuart Thomas TABLE OF CONTENTS Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Financial Report consolidated statements of income 4 consolidated balance sheets 5 consolidated statements of cash flows 6 consolidated statements of shareholders’ equity 7 Required Questions [1] What is the amount of property and equipment on the balance sheet for the two most recent years? What is the amount of depreciation expense? What amounts are on the cash flow statement for the most recent year that relate to depreciation, gains and sales of property and equipment, and purchases and sale of property of equipment? What amounts are permitted for inclusion in the capitalized…show more content…
The depreciation and amortization for the fiscal year of 2011 was $1,841,000. The gains on dispositions are $75,000 for 2011. Looking at the footnote disclosures of the company, what are the individual components of property and equipment? For example, what are the amounts for land, building, equipment, accumulated depreciation, and so forth? How do companies account for nonmonetary exchange and dispositions of property and equipment? According to the footnotes, the individual components of property are attractions, which are located in the Parks, Resorts, and Other Property, buildings and improvements, leasehold improvements, land improvements, and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The cost for each of them for the past two years are as followed: Name | 2011 | 2010 | Attractions, buildings, and improvements | $17,662,000 | $15,998,000 | Leasehold improvements | 650,000 | 644,000 | Furniture, fixtures, and equipment | 13,746,000 | 12,575,000 | Land improvements | 3,727,000 | 3,658,000 | Total | $35,515,000 | $32,875,000 | The accumulated depreciation for 2011 was $19,572,000 where in 2010 it was $18,373,000. Does the company have intangible assets? If so what are the types of intangible assets (patent, copyrights, etc.) and their amounts? What is the amount of amortization expense? What amounts on the most recent cash flow statement relate to the purchase and sale of intangible assets? How do intangible assets differ from
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