Course Summary: Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

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Summary Human Resource Management Chapters 1,2,4,5,6,16 Chapter 1: Gaining a Competitive Advantage * Competiveness ability to maintain share in industry (related to effectiveness) * Human Resource Management policies, practices, systems that influence employees’ behaviour, attitude and performance analysing and design of work, planning, recruiting, selection, training, compensation, performance management, employee relations * HRM practices should be strategic * HR has 3 product lines administrative & transactions (compensation, hiring, staffing); Business partner Services (develop HR systems Strategic Partners (contribute to business strategy) * Six Competencies of HR dudes: Credible activist…show more content…
do we have enough personnel? * Administrative linkage HR is focused on day-to-day, no time for strategic outlook * One-way linkage strategic unit informs HR * Two-way linkage allows for HR issues during strategy formulation process; various strategies are made, then presented to HR, HR evaluates each strategy, gives feedback to strategic unit * Integrative linkage HR is an integral member of the senior management team * Mission statement reason for being, customers served, needs satisfied * Goals what to achieve in the medium to long term future; how to operationalize * External analysis organizations operating environment * Internal analysis strength weaknesses (SWOT) * Strategic choice organizations strategy * Strategy implementation five important variables

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