Course Taking And Apparatus Set Up

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Course taking and apparatus set up will be the first steps in this project. For safety measures, the apparatus needs to be reinstalled under the fume hood. Basic pretreatment processes will be carried out in order to prepare the biosorbents for adsorption. Aiming to check the reliability of the system and find possible pitfalls, some preliminary tests will be run, and the results will be analyzed. Once the reliability of the apparatus, repeatability of the process, and standard operating procedure are determined, the next phase of the project will be commenced. 5.2 Phase 2 In this phase, the experiments will be focused on single component and binary systems. Firstly, pure methane will be fed into the column and the adsorption process will be investigated. Afterwards, the same experiments at similar conditions will be carried out using pure water vapor. Based on the result of these experiments, a new set of experiments will be designed and carried out for binary systems (Methane and water vapor). Equilibrium and kinetics will be studied. Dynamic studies will be accomplished. Generally, the performance of Flax Shive and Oat Hulls in PSA process will be determined. 5.3 Phase 3 To further investigate the adsorption process, various isotherms will be fitted on the experimental data. Equilibrium capacity, uptake of species, diffusion constants, and selectivity will be calculated. Based on these results, the nature of the adsorption process will be determined. Afterwards, a set
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