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CSEC 630 Final Exam Tyree Scott University of Maryland University College November 30, 2012 Table of Contents Instructions 3 Honor Pledge 3 ABC Background 4 Question One Answer 5 Question Two Answer 8 Question Three Answer 10 Question Four Answer 11 Question Five Answer 12 Reference Page 14 CSEC 630 Final Exam - 100 points Exam is due by 11:59 PM EDT [Sunday December 02, 2012]. This examination is worth 20 percent of your total grade. There are five questions, and the maximum point values are included with each question. Maximum length answer for each question should be limited to approximately 800 words (2 pages) excluding diagrams,…show more content…
The regulatory environment is becoming more restrictive, viruses and worms are growing more pervasive and damaging, and ABC Heathcare’s stakeholders are demanding more flexible access to their systems. The healthcare industry is experiencing significant regulatory pressures that mandate prudent information security and systems management practices. Furthermore, the continued pressure to reduce cost requires that management focus on streamlining operations, reducing management overhead and minimizing human intervention. The regulatory focus at ABC Healthcare is on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Both pieces of legislation highlight the need for good systems administration and controls, but focus on different aspects of the business. The main focus of HIPAA is to protect personally identifiable health information while SOX is concerned with data that impacts financial reporting. Violations may be met with both civil and criminal penalties. Therefore, the company must be ever watchful of new threats to their systems, data, and business operations. The most prevalent security related threat to on-going business operations is the continued development and propagation of viruses and worms. Virus and worm prevention or containment is a vital component to the overall risk mitigation strategy. Virus and worm outbreaks have multiple cost aspects for the
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