Court Case : Foster Placement At A Comprehensive Foster Care

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This case was last before the court on 6/26/2017 for a report to the court. At that time, temporary custody of Issac Johnson remained with the Department and a pretrial conference date was set for October 30, 2017.


Issac remains at a Foster Placement through DARE Services and continues to do well.


Issac turned 3 years old in April 2017. Issac is placed in a Comprehensive Foster Care at a placement in Fall River. Issac is medically up to date.
Issac was receiving Early Intervention Services through Bay State Early Intervention until his 3rd birthday in April 2017. Issac services include speech therapy weekly as well as physical therapy. With speech therapy Isaac's vocabulary has
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Mr. Johnson takes Issac to the playground across from the DCF Office, and will take him to get lunch.


Ms. Cuvellier has been meeting with the Department, engaging in visits, and has provided release to allow the Department to speak with all collaterals including her therapist, parenting program coordinator, treatment program, and to allow the Department to receive information concerning drug screens.

Ms. Cuvellier has maintained her sobriety for over 6 months, engages in weekly counseling sessions, participates in Parenting Journey, and attends 12 step meetings, and substance abuse groups and counseling. Ms. Cuvellier talks openly about her recovery, and continues to work in counseling around feelings of shame, guilt, and past trauma.

Ms. Cuveliier appeared in Lynn District Court on June 29, 2017, and child endangerment charges were dropped and Ms. Cuvellier is currently on probation for possession of a controlled substance.


Mr. Johnson has continued to complete tasks on his action plan, and terms of his probation. He was asked to participate in Common Purpose Batters Program, completed a parenting evaluation, participated in the Nurturing Fathers Program, and worked with a parent aid.

Mr. Johnson pled guilty to all pending criminal charges on March 30, 2017 and received two years' probation.

Issac has had one overnight visit with Mr. Johnson at his home, on Monday October 23, 2017, and Mr. Johnson
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