Court Case Road And Traffic Authority

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Part 1 Question 1A – What is the basis of the finding of the majority of the judges that the road and traffic authority is not liable to the defendant and is not negligent? Discuss the principles. Answer: In the article of court case Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) vs Mr Dederer (Plaintiff)- The plaintiff who was 14 years old at the time of incident, who dived over the bridge from the highest horizontal railings which was flat and about nine meters high from the river’s shallow water surface and suffered very severe spinal injury. The river and bridge area was point of tourist attraction and was used by many youngsters for jumping off the bridge in summer. It was alleged by Mr dederer that enough measure were not taken by RTA for the safety of people and to discourage the youngster to jumping off the bridge. The plaintiff was a regular visitor of this bridge since childhood who has seen many people jumping off the bridge in summer as swimming and water sports was major attraction of the district. No major accident was reported from past 39 years but it was observed by council and RTA the dangerous nature of jumping off the bridge. RTA has put pictogram of No diving sign with consultation with local council after observing that many people use this bridge for jumping which does not had effect to stop people to jump off the bridge. It was sign for prohibition but does not state nature of danger. The fact that bridge railing has flat surface which facilitate as launching
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