Court Details Of Criminal Sentencing

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Court Details

On Wednesday, 17 August 2016 a hearing took place at the Cairns District Court in Sheridan Street, Cairns. The hearing was held in room 6, level 3 at 9:40am. The hearing was for a criminal sentencing of Mr Bradford Jules Thomas, the accused, and was proceeded by Judge Harrison.


The sentence for Mr Bradford Thomas was for possession and supply of a dangerous drug over a seven-week period, from the 15 November 2014 to 8 January 2015. Mr Thomas has twenty-five cases of selling crystal methamphetamine and two cases of selling cannabis.

Evidence of Mr Thomas’ involvement in the sale of illegal drugs were being monitored by undercover police. Then, on 8 January 2015, a search warrant enabled police to enter Mr Thomas’ premises in which they found a glass pipe, scales, $1000 in cash, a mobile phone, small Ziploc bags and the drug, crystal methamphetamine. All these instruments indicated Mr Thomas was a supplier and user of the dangerous and illegal drug.

Mr Thomas pleaded guilty to the street offence and claimed the reason for supplying the drug was to fuel his own addiction. Mr Thomas said he would purchase a gram of the drug for $700 and then sell to friends. He himself would smoke one to two points daily. Mr Thomas claimed he was not trying to make any profit from this illegal activity. He confessed and cooperated with the police, assisting them with finding the ‘supply’ evidence found in text messages on his mobile phone.

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