Court Experience Paper

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Going to the court that was held in the municipal courtroom in Yakima was a great experience. Learning about them in class and actually being in the courtroom are two completely different feelings. There was a lot of neat things I paid attention to. In the courtroom everything is recorded and the pace that they operate in is just in and out. Upon arrival of the place I was quite amazed on how the building was. Security checks are mandatory unless you’re a top dog in the chain of command. I witnessed that happen. A high power walked in and he didn’t have to go through security and he didn’t even open his own door, the security guards did. That made me think, if I was that high up in the ranks I wouldn’t tell people to open doors for me. It may be out of respect but just because I'm high ranked doesn’t mean I…show more content…
Most of the inmates wanted to not be guilty but there was a few who pled guilty. The judge was very straight forward and was very proficient with her task on hand. Some of the inmates were complying while there was a one that didn’t really care. They set a time of 1 hour for the invite custody people and 1 hour for the out of custody people who I never realized were sitting with us in the room. Most of those cases were driving under the influence. I like how they are required to get a breathalyzer to start their cars and in some cases they get their license suspended or revoked. Both processes took an hour or so to get through. It was a really great experience. My favorite part of the whole trip was the small tour we took. Even though we were not allowed to go into the jail itself I still got the small experience of what it is like to be in custody when the judge allowed us to go into the holding cells. I liked going to the court. It was pretty cool that they allowed us to watch and take a small tour. The way the cases are handled and the system they have just goes so smooth. Thank you for setting up the
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