Court History and Purpose

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Court History and Purpose


July 28, 2012

Court History and Purpose

This paper will cover topics such as; what a court is and what the purpose of the court is. This paper will define the dual court system. In addition this paper will describe the role that early legal codes, the common law and the precedent played in the development of courts. And lastly this paper will identify the role of the courts in the criminal justice system today.
The courts are a part of the judicial branch in the three branches of government. This means that in this branch the laws are interpreted. Like the other two branches, it works to keep the criminal justice system running as smoothly as possible. The laws are make in the
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But in the same light, if some one stole a car, death by any means is not an option. Some punishments for crimes are the same, yet have still changed. For example, Texas still has the death penalty. But even though the death penalty is used in Texas, the way the punishment is carried out has changed. The electric chair is no longer used as well as hangings.
In conclusion the criminal justice system needs the court system to function properly. The court system has changed the face of history far too many times to not be important. From the small local courts the grand stage that is the United States Supreme courts, it is all important to the criminal justice system.

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