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Observation paper Magistrate& District court Karen Rivera Cj 205 The first court that I attend was district court, the judge was Fernando r. macias I went to the court on October 13, around 10:30. When I first walked in there were a lot of people there I wasn’t expecting that at all. Security was higher than at the magistrate court. There were attorneys there but they stand next to there defendants at all times since it was still assembly justice so the trials didn’t go on for days if the most for about 30 minutes. The first case I had a chance was already on its way so I don’t know how long it had been going on for. The defendant was wearing a dark blue jump suit. As well as he had some chains aournd his waist…show more content…
He was send for a year to safe house they ask he get evaluated. He didn’t seem happy with the outcome but it was a fair sentence considering that this wasn’t his first offense it was his 16th charge. The second case I heard was also a minor the difference I saw from one to another was that he wasn’t wearing a jump suit he was wearing normal street close. He also had an interpetor he had some headphones on and there was a lady that was interpreting for him since he only knew Spanish. That same day I headed down to the magistrate court I had been here before. This court is more of assembly line justice sine each case is probably like 5 minutes long. The judges name was locatell. The first case I heard was a male he was being charged with reckless driving. The judge then tells him that is a 5 day minimum in jail. At this point u enter a plea he entedred a not guilty plead. After he please there is a bench trail and there will be a posector and see what you sentence will be and the cop that issued the ticket will be there so that both stories can be heard. What I also noticed at this court is that you don’t have to be dressed up you can show up like you just rolled out of bed. You can wear normal clothes even though in the enterence it clearly said not to people still do it. the security here isn’t high at all. The place isn’t well kept. There was a balif
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