Court Observation Report

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Court Observation Report Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court The Crown Court was created by Courts Act 1971. The Crown Court of England and Wales is one of the constituent parts of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. It is the higher court of first instance in criminal cases. However, for some purposes the crown court is hierarchically subordinate to the High Court and its divisional Courts. The Crown Court also hears appeals against conviction and sentence from those convicted in the magistrates court. Appeals are usually heard by a circuit judge and two magistrates. The Crown Court also sentences defendants who have been committed for sentencing by magistrates, after having been summarily convicted of an either-way offence. There…show more content…
It was the top of the victim, what she was wearing when the incident happened. It was handed to the jury, after one of them gave usher a piece of paper, which was passed to the judge. And then he read the question to the witness “ can you remember what you were wearing that day, when incident occurred” ? Usher – is the only person in the court to walk around while the court is in session. If papers or other objects need to be passed around the court for example notes from members of the jury, or evidence being shown to the jury, normally the usher will do this. Behind the usher, wearing black gowns and white wigs and facing the judge, the prosecuting and defending barristers were sitting. The defending barrister was nearest to the jury. They also had laptop computers in addition to files of papers relating to the case which were on the desk in front of them. Unlike the judge, who speaks sitting down, the barristers always stand to address the court. At the back of the courtroom, behind the barristers, where a semi-partitioned area known as the "dock" is, the defendant was placed. A custody officer was sitting with defendant in the dock. Next to defendants dock, is a small area for the public, this is where I was sitting and observing the court proceedings. Alongside the defending barrister was the jury box. This is where the jury watched the case from. Composition of the jury were as follows: 9 females and 2 male jurors. They age ranging from 35-45
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