Court Of Limited Jurisdiction ( 320-321 )

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For my court observation I visited the Frank A. Sedita City Court, which is a court of limited jurisdiction (320-321). The cases were on April 7th at 2 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. with Judge Betty Calvo-Torres. The court was a very crowed and defense attorneys congregated in the front section trying to discuss their cases with the prosecution. When the court proceedings began it became silent as the Judge came in and sat down, but went back to being as loud a few minutes later. The noise continued, at this point it was only Defense Attorneys that were still in the front, but Judge Torres finally got annoyed a told everyone that there shouldn’t be any speaking during proceedings. The DAs quickly filed out of the front section and went to their…show more content…
The case was brought up later on because the students’ father showed up and the Judge decided he could be released on the condition that he stayed with his parents. One offender was non-compliant with the terms of their parole. They had not been showing up to whatever treatment they were supposed to receive, so they were called in (542-544). The offender claims there was some kind of mix up with the dates of the appointments that were set and that it was the office’s fault for not changing them. This offender was released under supervision, but the Judge threatened to revoke their parole if they continued to not keep up with the treatment. She explained that ultimately it was up to the offender to make sure appointments were changed and that everyone that needed to be notified was made aware. Another case dealt with a man, whose identity was stolen, and someone using his name when they were arrested. The man was fired from his three jobs and went down to the courts to find out what the issue was. He made the mistake of immediately getting on Judge Torres’ bad side by asking her to “be quiet” as he talked to his attorney. The court reporter explained that this man was already in custody for stolen property, but this was clearly not the case. There was also an inconsistency with the picture on his ID and with the social security number he presented
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