Court Ordered And Substance Abuse Treatment

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When someone you love is suffering from addiction and won 't seek help, it 's easy to feel helpless. In this situation, you have undoubtedly been tempted to find a legal way to force them into rehabilitation. However, this may not be an option in your state. In fact, it may not even be the best choice. Understanding this treatment technique can help you decide if it is necessary or if other approaches may be more valuable to you.
Court-Ordered Substance Abuse Treatment People who have committed a drug-related crime can often be court-ordered into rehabilitation. This option is often sought by people who wish to avoid serving time in jail or prison and is only possible with non-violent crimes. And while it isn 't exactly ideal, it can still serve as a useful way to get your loved one into rehab. Getting your loved one into rehab with this method requires getting them to plead guilty or to make a deal with the prosecuting attorney. Sometimes, it requires appearing in a drug court rather than a criminal court: the qualifications will vary depending on the jurisdiction. Typical qualifications include:
Drug addiction diagnosis
Willingness to comply with treatments
No history or violent or sexual crimes
No other instance of drug-related crime on their record If your loved one completes this mandatory treatment, some states will wipe their record clean. For young people suffering from addiction, this option is often a useful way to get their life back on track without…
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