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Court Research Should judges or juries be used to decide cases? This is a question that has been argued about recently and has been the subject of differnt points of view by many lawyers, politicians and the publc mainly because people are unsure if the jury world give a fair trial.

There are two types of trials. There is a bench trial, which is a case that is heard and decide by a judge, and trial by jury where the jury decides the outcome of a case.
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Also if you are working as a nurse, doctor, midwife, dentist, vet, chemist, or any other job that provide a important ommunity service.

They are the people who sit in a box, one side of the judge. One person is appointed the forman of the jury, and he or she will be the spokesperson for the group.He or she will also be the person to tell the court the outcome of their verdict. The jury are in charge of deciding the outcome of the cases and deciding if a person is guilty, or not guilty. The jury has to listen to all the evidence and then they choose their verdict. Jurors have to remain impartial and independent towords the case. They must not be inflenced by any person. By this it means, that anyone not in the jury should not try and influence a member of the jury. This is a criminal offence, and if anyone found talking to the juror about the case they should be reported to the court imediettly. Also, all statments that are made in the jury room should be kept confidential. The jurors should not talk about the case with any other member of the public that is not in the jury,

There are also punishable offences linked with being a member of the jury. These include, not attending jury service

without a good and valid excuse, or not being available for

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