Court System And The Law Of Great Britain

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Court System The court system in our country was created under the influences from the Justinian Code, after the Roman Emperor Justinian I, Napoleonic Code, and the common law of Great Britain. Federal and States courts have separate political jurisdictions and procedures, nonetheless, both were established to solve conflicts. However, court systems are different than police departments, in that courts are in a hierarchical order. When a case is seen in a court, the losing party can appeal to a court with more power and the results can change from those given by the previous judge. In Federal Courts the cases are first presented to the U. S. Magistrate, followed by appeals to the District, and Appeal Courts. State Courts start with Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction, and Intermediate Courts of Appeal, and State Courts of Last Resorts. Both Federal and State courts can appeal decisions to the U. S. Supreme Court, if the case is chosen to be heard, any orders given are binding to Federal and State Courts. Federal and state courts are further divided into civil or criminal law. In civil law for a case to be won, the majority of the jury needs to reach the same conclusion, in criminal law to reach a verdict of “beyond a reasonable doubt” the jury needs to agree unanimously. In civil cases, both the accused or defendant, and the accuser or plaintiff need to pay for their own lawyers and witness. Results of the trial are known as judgments on
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