Court System Paper

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Court System Paper
AJS 502 21 May 2013 John V. Baiamonte, Jr. PhD

Florida County Courts The state of Florida 67 County Courts along with the Circuit Courts, Florida District Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are established via the State Constitution under Article V titled Judiciary. County Courts Judges differed based on community population and caseload for each county. Each county court judges must a registered voter of the specified county that are requesting office of and a member of the Florida Bar for five years; however districts with an inhabitants of
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In circuit courts dealing with criminal cases, the circuit court has original jurisdiction in all felonies and misdemeanors cases from the identical conditions as an offense that is simultaneously indicted. Circuit Court cases dealing with legitimacy of tax calculation, actions dealing property titles and borders or proprietorship of actual assets and other proceedings that are not heard in county court. In family cases dealing with divorce, guardianship, spousal visits, family altercations, and adolescent addiction cases will be in circuit court. Appeals from the county court are handled by the circuit courts with the exception of those cases they may go to the district court of appeals. There are a total of twelve circuit judges amongst the four counties. District Courts of Appeals All trial court case that was appealed was never heard by the Supreme Court, but they were look over by a three-judge panel of the district courts of appeal. Florida did not establish a district court of appeals until 1957. The State Constitution states that the Legislature must divide the State into appellate court districts along with the establishment of district court of appeals (DCA) to service each of the five districts. The five district headquarters are located at Daytona Beach, Lakeland, Miami, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach. District Court of
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