Court Systems

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Court System

The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the significance of the history of judicial system prevailing within the premises of United States. This paper intends to explore the Court System of United States. The major historical developments in the courts of United States will be discussed. Moreover, the rationale of the dual court system of the United States will be outlined. This paper will also explore the correlation between the historical developments and the dual court system of the United States.

The development of the state courts within United States can be traced back from the colonial period. Every state in United States organizes its court system independently.
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Federal court systems are assumed to be easier to understand. The federal judiciary involves the highest court of the country which is ‘Supreme Court’ of United States. The Supreme Court is exclusively utilized by the federation and it is clearly provided by the constitution. Moreover, federal judiciary also provides certain courts like Court of Federal Claims and the Tax Courts (Walker, 1980).
The State Courts System, on the other hand, are extremely diverse. None of the states provide similar judicial practices. State Courts include inferior courts which are further classified as magistrate courts, municipal courts, county courts and many others. There are also some superior courts at the state levels known as circuit or district courts (James, 2009).

Correlation between Historical Development and Dual Court System
The dual court system of United States is clearly a product of the historical development. The historical development in the judicial aspects of court systems adopted by the thirteen colonies provides the basis of this distinctive and dual court system. The federal government and thus the federal courts handle the issues related to the national interests. On the other hand, state governments and eventually state courts are also responsible to cater to the issues at state level. However, one state is not allowed to get involved in the matters of others (James, 2009).
The historical developments in the United States Courts and

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