Court Systems

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| October 29, 2012 | The U.S. Constitution is supported by a dual court system in which the power is shared between the state and the federal governments. Most criminal cases are tried in state court, whereas, federal crimes are tried in federal courts. Both courts have jurisdiction, although federal courts are limited to the cases heard. The state offers a broad capability to encompass more cases and averages 30,000,000 cases filed, whereas, the federal courts see a mere 1,000,000 cases (findlaw). State and federal governments are mutual partners in the objective to protect the rights of citizens and the Constitution. Unlike federal courts, which are established under the United States Constitution, state courts are established…show more content…
They all represented high-profile cases that captivated audiences and the media. Johnny Cochran is best known for his acquittal of O.J. Simpson. All signs pointed to O.J. as the murderer but Mr. Cochran’s perseverance and speculations helped to release and acquit Mr. Simpson. To this day, no one was arrested for the heinous crime. Gloria Allred is a feminist lawyer who is outspoken and likes to involve herself when she can. Jose Baez is the defense attorney for Casey Anthony. He successfully convinced the jury that there was no sufficient evidence to support that Casey murdered her two-year-old daughter. Although the evidence seemed to pile and aim at her, she was released. She failed to report her daughter missing, until the grandmother noticed her missing for more than 30 days. She was caught on video writing bad checks and partying while the daughter was missing. She claimed the child was with a non-existent nanny. She did not cooperate with police and was caught in several statements that varied from the truth. There were so many holes in the case and various articles of evidence that proved her guilty to most people involved in the investigation and watching the case. Incredibly, Baez had Casey acquitted. Perhaps a private attorney is more experienced and capable of representing the toughest cases. The media publicizes these cases and the public becomes emotionally invested. Today’s technologies have helped to improve the
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