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Hello judges, jurors, and everyone else present in this court room today. My name is Dr. Alyssa Diaz and I am an expert witness. I was called here to testify on this court case. Also I am here to inform you how examining a piece of hair from a suspect from a crime can help to find out who actually did commit the crime. There are some basic things that people should know about hair. A persons hair contains their DNA. Also there are several different parts of a persons piece of hair. Some different parts of hair are the root, cuticle, cortex, shaft, and medulla. I know you all are probably wondering what exactly are these different parts of the hair. Well the root is the part of the hair that’s…show more content…
Well those are some basic facts everyone should know about hair for this case. Now that everyone has back round information about hair I can explain why I believe a particular suspect is a match to the hair found at the crime scene. I received four different pieces of hair from each of the suspects, which I labeled A-D. Then I analyzed them all under a microscope on wet, latex and water mounts. After that, I actually got the hair from the crime scene and labeled it “Evidence” and analyzed it under a microscope on wet, latex and water mounts just like I did to the suspects hair. After doing a careful analysis of all of the hair I found that “Suspect D” and the “Evidence” hairs match up. I’ve come to the conclusion that the person who committed the crime is “Suspect D.” Both “Suspect D” and the “Evidence” hairs are a bleached-continuous hair. All the slides for “Suspect D” and the “Evidence” hairs match up. Now even though this may sound weird or slightly unbelievable remember I am en expert forensic scientist, and myself and all of the people on my team worked very hard on analyzing the hairs and worked very hard to find out who actually committed the crime. Also in my ten years of working in this field I have never made a mistake in finding out what person has committed a crime. Lastly, “Suspect D’s” hair and the “Evidence” hair
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