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AJ 101 Course # Court Visit On November 29, 2011, I had the opportunity to go to Los Angles Superior Court and was able to sit and observe during a Preliminary Hearing. The case that I sat in was about a rape case in which a young girl of approximately twelve years old said that her grandfather, who was about sixty years old would sexually touch her and do certain things to her everytime she would go over to her grandparents house. The prosecutor asked the young girl a serious of questions such as “At one point were you scared to go back to your grandparent’s house because you knew what your grandfather would do to you.” I was dumbfounded when she answered “I was not scared, but I would get mad at my mom when I asked her if I can go…show more content…
When the trial was coming to an end and the prosecutors were thru asking questions, Judge Richard M. Goul asked the prosecutors if the witness was able to be dismissed. There was a lady who was standing next to her during the entire trial, I was not sure of who she was, but my guess is she was one of the victim’s parent or guardian. The reason I believe this is because once the witness was dismissed, the lady hugged and give her a kiss on the check and they both exited the courtroom as quickly as possible. It was then time for the judge to give the final verdict. He read the penial codes, which the defendant was found guilty on. Once that was done, the judge read that the defendant was given a bail of two hundred billion, three hundred thousand dollars. Although it was a large amount of money, I personally think that the defendant should not have been given the chance of bail. Going to an actual courtroom and watching a case trial was very different to what I have seen on television. On shows such as “The People’s Court,” there were times were people would laugh at what the plaintiff or the defendant said and or something that the judge may have said. The trial I saw was nothing like what I had seen on television show. Everyone was quiet and very respectful, but most important of all the judge took the case very serious. Another difference from television portrayals and an
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