Courtesy in Business Communication

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Running Head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Courtesy in Business Communication "It's hard to argue against courtesy, but businesspeople don't have time to spend extra effort on it. Anyway they want their documents to go straight to the point without wasting words and without sugar coating". Business studies very much focuses on the communications skills and emphasizes to do complete, concise and courteous communication. Business teacher educate students to create messages that honor the receiving person and do not disappoint him. However, it is not possible to follow all these rules in the real business world. Business people are very busy persons who have to do quick and to the point communication without sugar coating their words. It is a fact that courteous business messages in business can do wonders; they strengthen the relationship, increase trust level and build goodwill. I agree with the statement of author that it is hard to argue or talk against courtesy; however, it becomes necessary in some business situations to communicate to the point without being courteous. This is due to the reason that if the business people follow all the communication rules and show courtesy to everyone, than they will not be able to move ahead. Therefore depending upon the situation, it becomes the necessity of the business personals to communicate bluntly without sugar coating the words. However, this does not mean that the businesspersons should misbehave in written communication or
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