Courthouse Security Plan Case Study

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I have reviewed our Courthouse Security Plan and the Basic Courtroom Security Guidelines that you provided with you letter. I believe our current plan meets the recommendations outlined in the guideline for basic courtroom security. As you are aware, I am not able to fully implement our Courthouse Security Plan due to the lack of funding. Each year, I have requested the Twiggs County Board of Commissioners to fully fund a security budget for the Courthouse. Each year, this request has been denied. Sections § 5 and § 6 cannot be implemented without funding for additional staff and equipment and I can neither secure the Courthouse nor ensure the safety of the persons working or conducting business in the Courthouse. Most of the hardware is already in place and has been for several years. Sadly, this hardware has gone unused and is now most likely outdated.…show more content…
I look forward to discussing these procedures with you to ensure they meet your expectations and a will gladly address any deficiencies that you may believe to
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