Courtney Hunt 's Frozen River, And Edwidge Danticat 's The Dew Breaker

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Sonder is an infrequently used noun defined as “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness”. It’s a difficult and complicated term to use, as most people have differing interpretations of it; in my opinion, when you gain sonder you gain perspective and empathy into the lives of everyone around you, and learn what makes them the way they are. Everyone has this moment of realization at some point in their life, but few people ever give sonder any real thought beyond that moment. However, some authors embrace the idea of sonder, writing their novels so as to focus on how sonder impacts people’s perspective on…show more content…
The strongest example of this occurs when she writes a note to a police officer, successfully opening his mind to other perspectives, and thus the idea of sonder. We are to blame for this destruction, we who don’t speak your tongue and don’t know how to keep quiet either. We who didn’t come by boat, who dirty up your doorsteps with our dust, who break your barbed wire. We who came to take your jobs, who dream of wiping your shit, who long to work all hours. We who fill your shiny clean streets with the smell of food, who brought you violence you’d never known, who deliver your dope, who deserve to be chained by neck and feet. We who are happy to die for you, what else could we do? We, the ones who are waiting for who knows what. We, the dark, the short, the greasy, the shifty, the fat, the anemic. We the barbarians. (Herrera, 99-100) It 's not seeing their lives or hearing their stories, but instead a simple note from a Mexican woman that reminds him that these people he arrested are actual people with actual reasons for crossing into America. Although the note helps to change the cop’s opinion regarding immigrants enough to let them go free, what I feel clinches the cop’s decision is the fact that Makina is the note’s author. The officer probably didn’t expect the young Mexican woman to be literate, let alone a poet, as the reader can tell from the officer’s disconcerted expression as she is writing. There are a few

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