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The book Courtroom 302, written by Steve Bogira in 2005, is about the criminal courts in Chicago, IL. Steve Bogira graduated from Northwestern University, and is an excellent reporter for the Chicago Review. Courtroom 302 is story told mainly from through Steve Bogira’s observations. Bogira observes a courtroom (Courtroom 302), and basically the entire justice system process from beginning to end. The courtroom that Bogira observes is in the control of Judge Daniel Locallo. Judge Locallo helps give Bogira an all access view, plus vital personal thoughts and feelings about issues and events that he has dealt with; and Bogira has observed. Judge Locallo is not the only person that expresses personal information. Many employees of the …show more content…
Then Locallo has to deal with the politics involved. Caruso Sr. is an apparent mobster, and he raises hell in the courtroom because he believes that the eighteen-year term that his son received is too harsh considering that the other two men involved will probably get probation. Caruso tries to make a point that the media and politics forced Locallo into a corner, but Locallo reminds him that his son “planned the attack, led the attack, and …finished the attack,” (Bogira p. 315). The prejudice issue was risen when the Supreme Court insured that the jury would be color-blind, but due to the many issues that surround the reasons for few black jurors (voir dire), only two black women made the jury and no black males. Last the issue of compassion, which allows first-time offenders to receive a lesser sentence. Locallo sentenced Caruso’s co-defendants to probation because the evidence against them wasn’t really there compared to Caruso Jr. himself. As far as Caruso’s sentencing, Judge Locallo decided to give him eight years, because with the other two men only getting probation he didn’t want to look inconsistent by giving Caruso a very stiff sentence. There are two important themes that are illustrated by Bogira throughout Courtroom

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