Courtroom Observation Experience Involved Watching Four Trials

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My courtroom observation experience involved watching four trials in Remand Court. Each case stood out in a different way, leaving me with several questions about the legal system. I wonder about the effect of court system on adolescent offenders their reintegration into society. I also question the effectiveness of the defense that public defenders provide. My last thought involves the possibility that judges may be biased in making their decisions. One of the things that stood out to me in the first trial was the fact that the defendant had already spent 26 days in jail. I also found it interesting that a second prosecutor walked in, bowed, and continued to sit down in the middle of the trial. The judge continued her questioning of…show more content…
This defendant was charged with violating probation and failing to provide a new address to his parole officer. The crown was seeking a jail sentence for the 18-year-old defendant, but the defendant had already been incarcerated for 31 days. After discussing his story and his goals for after his release, the defendant was given a sentence of time served and released the same day with recommendations from the judge to receive further education. A new defense lawyer took over for the fourth case, asking the judge to sign a consent form. The prosecution seemed to be quite puzzled as the defendant was not present in the court. After several unsuccessful attempts to summon the defendant, a 15-minute recess was granted. Following the recess, the prosecution and the judge discussed the issue. It was decided that there was a scheduling error with this case and the court was dismissed early. Something that I found rather surprising was just how fast the trials were pushed through the court. On one hand this could be an encouraging aspect of the Canadian system, as a supporting argument of its efficiency. Yet this is still a difficult topic for me to look past. To me, the speed at which the trials were pushed through has a resemblance of a sort of human assembly line, with minimal thought and contemplation put into each trial. Nevertheless, this may simply be a surface level issue, as the judge and certainly the lawyers undoubtedly put much more time into each

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