Courtroom Prosecuting

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Original Title “ A Job worth doing, is worth doing well.” Standing in my office helping businesses with their contracts with one another or being able to stand in a courtroom prosecuting and saving a victim from having their offender being let off easy brings me joy. Seeing that i have grown as an strong and confident person who defends companies and the helpless victims who are not heard. To get to this point it took a lot of work such as passing exams, gaining an four year degree from a university, getting acceptance into law school, and also all the practicing needed.
Unquestionably educational requirements to be accepted into law school require being in rigorous classes and passing tests to get accepted into law school. “Must receive a
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Pursuing further into the work an lawyer is to present the case with the evidence gathered to initiate there was legal activity also being able to select the jurors, argue motions, question witnesses and talk with the judge to have a successful trial. Thinking that the work of the job and the school is the hard part of the job but it is also knowing if the job is sturdy enough to grow throughout the years and the pay of…show more content…
“ Median annual wage for lawyers as of May 2016 sways around $118,160”(Occupational Outlook Handbook). Salaries vary on the experience of the lawyer along with the size and location of the employer. Those who own their very own law firm are said to earn less money than those who work for a partnership law firm. “Employment of lawyers is projected to grow six percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations”(Occupational Outlook Handbook). Percentage rates of jobs growing for attorneys are at an high rate. Due to the demand for legal works lawyers are expected to continue growing for individuals, businesses, and any other levels of legal services needed.All these obstacles throughout an attorney’s life requires hard work but is worth it in the end due to the fact you know you did everything right.
As stated in the beginning “A job worth doing, is worth doing well” is explained throughout my paper of how an lawyer responds to this truism. From law school to the real life is all about giving your all in the job knowing your job is worth giving all the might in your body. Therefore becoming a lawyer wasn’t easy but with enough dedication it could be doneWorks
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