Courtroom Workgroup Paper

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Courtroom Workgroup Paper
Fertina Bryant
Feburary 23, 2013
Christopher Berry

Courtroom Workgroup Paper * The author will determine courtroom groups, how the groups interact daily, and recommend changes to the groups. The author will also describe prosecutor roles and the cases he pursues. Finally, the author will elaborate on the funnel of criminal justice with the backlog among the courtroom group, the court system, give an example, and explain how to eliminate backlog cases. * Working the Courtroom System * Courtroom workgroups consist of a judge, a prosecutor, and a defense. These courtroom groups remain Senior Officers in court who determines the appropriateness of conduct. These officers settle questions of
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The judges swear before appointment that as Judge he promises to remain tough on Crime, enforce the death penalty, and if elected, He proves a political moderate. First used in Missouri in 1940, the governor appoints judges from a list compiled by a non-partisan nominating commission. Judges serve on the bench for a year (Schmalleger, 2011). They remain voted to the bench after a year of service. If the vote is yes, the judge sits for the full term. * Although the police, judges, defense attorneys, and probation officers remain involved in specific duties, the prosecutor proves challenged in phases of the court process. Prosecutors challenge judicial decisions at times (Byrd, 2001). The office of the prosecutor proves part of the executive branch of the government. In all phases of the court process, given broad discretion, his/her job is to advocate the guilt of defendant vigorously. The prosecutors represent the people. Prosecutor screen the case. They determine if a crime has been committed. They research the crime to examine if a suspect has proved properly identified and if the evidence is sufficient to support a guilty verdict (Schmalleger, 2011). * Nolle Prosequi (nol. Pros.) should never present based on local jury success or public opinion decision to plea bargain, plea negotiations, and ureviewable discretions. They prove recommended toward offenders amounts of bail; comply to rules of discovery, and assisting with district
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