Courtship And Marriage : The Muslim Woman

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Courtship and Marriage
Unveiling the Muslim Woman
Andrika Edwards
Professor Emma Bates
Ashford University

Courtship and Marriage Part I

Marriage can mean different things for many people. Throughout the years, marriage has taken many different changes. However, one thing that has never changed when it comes to marriage is love. Marriage for many cultures are different in many ways. Some cultures have traditional ceremonies, some can marry more than one person, and others marry for social gain. In this paper, I will examine my cultures courtship and the success and failure in marriage, in an etic perspective. According to Crapo (2013) etic perspective describes each culture in ways that seem alien to its own participants but that facilitate comparisons between cultures and the discovery of universal principles in the structure and functioning of cultures” (p.27). For many, American’s a way of marriage can be very different. It is important that we understand how others may feel about our way of doing things, so that we can have a better understanding of our own way. Courtship is the time a couple gets to know one another. During this time, we want to know each other’s likes and dislikes. For American’s we want to know about your family, background, and for some if they are physically attracted to one another. Huston (2009) states many couples that start out never find their way to the altar or to the municipal courthouse. Courtship can
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