Covenant Leaders Are More About The ‘Us’, ‘We’ And ‘Our’,

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covenant leaders are more about the ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’, covenant leaders are not about the fame and glory and seeking out the attention and constant admiration that the narcissistic leaders do. Covenant or “True spiritual leaders give their lives for the sheep in the same way the Lord Jesus did” (Mattera, 2013 para. 6) while on the other hand the “narcissistic leaders will fleece the sheep and financially jeopardize their organizations for the sake of their own self-indulgent lifestyles” (Mattera, 2013 para 6). Narcissistic leaders will blame those around them when the decisions and choices they make fail while covenant leaders take accountability for the choices that are made. Narcissistic leaders lack empathy, or compassion for others…show more content…
It will also be a building block for the younger officers to at some point move up in the ranks into more of a leadership position. With a change of command style also come fear and anxieties, Joe will have to build a trusting relationship with the department and those that work there, that will help them in turn build trust with each other. It would be a hard and slow process to try and change a mindset that may have been in place for a while, but if he is able to breakthrough to a few, then the others will see that his style can be a better one especially since covenant leaders lead by example. Joe would have to reassure them that they can speak and freely share thoughts and ideas and that they will be heard, they do not have to repress or always agree with decisions but they should feel free enough to know if they disagree it is ok that there will not be repercussions on them for speaking up. If the department was under the leadership of one that is narcissistic that would also reflect on the relationship the police department has with the public sector, so not only would Joe as the new chief have to try to reorganize the department he will also have to try to do the same thing between the department and the public it serves and
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