Covenants Of The Bible, There Are Many Covenants

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In the Bible, there are many covenants. Through a series of covenants, God enters into people’s life and brings people together. The idea of the covenant has been described by Hugenberger as follows: “A covenant, in its normal sense, is an elected, as opposed to natural, relationship of obligation under oath.” (Jefferey 10) His definition follows that of Mendenhall, who defines covenant more broadly as a “solemn promise made binding by an oath, which may be either a verbal formula or a symbolic oath.” (Jefferey 10)Like a covenant, a contract is also a binding agreement between two parties that spells out the conditions and obligations of each party, and it also represents commitments, promises and obligations. Although covenants from God, which appear in both the Old and New Testaments, share similar traits with modern treaties or contracts, God’s covenants are still far more important and powerful than any modern treaty or contract. This will be proven by explaining covenants, more specifically, its origins, the traits involved, and how they differ from modern day contracts and treaties. First of all, covenants and contracts come from different origins. One is created by the supreme leader of the world - God; the other is originated from ordinary humankind. The idea of the contract evolves out of human institutions, but the idea of the covenant is rooted in the very nature of God. The stories in the Bible which speaks about the covenants give us an

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