Cover Letter: A Career In Pediatric Surgery

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Dear Sirs

My name is Fernanda Caraver, and I am a Jewish pediatric surgeon from Porto Alegre, Brazil and I am writing to apply to the “Nome do curso”. I am pleased to have been working with early childhood patients since 2006, when I began pediatric surgery residency training/fellowship. Since then, I have developed my area of expertise in minimally invasive surgery for young children. Nowadays, I belong to the staff at my hospital who teaches and instructs young surgeons who aim to become pediatric surgery as well.
During my entire life, I have been active in my Jewish community, always being connected to the Jewish school (Colégio Israelita Brasileiro), the synagogue (SIBRA) and other Jewish institutions in my city. Actually, I first entered Jewish school at age two and I studied there until my graduation in high school what made the “morim” and the school staff
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Additionally, I sincerely appreciate the actual policy of inclusiveness and acceptance, inviting all Jewish people to participate in their communities. That bolsters my motivation to participate in such a delightful moment for Jewish families as the Brit Milah, using my advanced pediatric surgical skills as a mohelet to make sure everything run smoothly.
In summary, I consider myself having two major personality features: myself as a Jewish woman and as a pediatric surgeon. For that reason, the possibility of deeply connecting these two characteristics as a mohelet is extremely rewarding. That is why I am enthusiastic about applying to this course: to become able to contribute more to my community by employing advanced surgical skills, reinforcing the beauty of Jewish precepts at the same time.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near
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