Cover Letter Basics

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Meloni Hopes
Professor Gater
Eng-105 Int
August 2, 2012

Cover Letter Basics A cover letter is an invitation for a hiring manager to read your resume. Hiring managers usually have an order to which they read your submitted documents. That order would be cover letter, then resume, and then any supporting documents. You want your cover letter to grab their attention and draw them in. After reading your cover letter they should want to learn more about what it is you have to offer their company. This can be your make or break introduction.
First thing first, you need to be prepared. The majority of business’s that you will be applying for positions at, will have a website. Research the company. If not only researching for your
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It may be wise to create a whole new email address just for your job search. There is a lot of spam these days and you do not want to take the chance of missing an email from a potential employer due to having 101 new emails coming through a day.
Your phone number should be the contact number where you are most available. Whether this would be a cell phone or a home phone, be sure that your greeting message is business appropriate and if you have a ringtone on your phone for people calling you, it would be wise to change to a normal ring during your job search. Again, you do not want any small detail to cause the hiring manager to think anything other than professional thoughts of you. After your contact information is complete, double space to type your potential new employer’s contact information.
The employer’s contact information section should include the hiring manager’s name, if at all possible. It should also include their title, company name, address, city, state, and zip code. The reason you want address your cover letter to a specific person is because generalizing a cover letter shows a lazy approach to your job search and can be a turnoff to a prospective employer. This tells an employer that you either don’t care or did not take the time to find out a name, and may have the same attitude when it comes to your work (CVTips, 2012). If the
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