Cover Letter Expectations

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My expectations for this class were that it would be easy for me and that I probably would not learn much from it. I already considered myself a strong writer, but I was required to take this class for one of my majors. However, I ended up learning more than I thought I would over the course of the semester.

I realized that this class would be beneficial when our first assignment was to adjust and send our resumes to the professor. I am a graduating senior, and this was a great opportunity for me to update my resume before I started applying for jobs. We also had to write a cover letter a few weeks ago, and now that I am applying for jobs, it was helpful to review what makes a good cover letter.

I am a better writer now because this class taught me to consider the readers of a document before you even start writing it. I usually just jump into writing a paper and do not consider who will be reading it. Taking the time to figure out who the readers of the document will be and considering their wants and needs was a new idea for me. This concept has helped my writing become more reader-friendly and also helps me focus my ideas before I even
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While my documents have always been neat, I now understand that pictures, bullet points, headers, color, font, and other visual elements can help a proposal or technical document stand out. When I am writing a document, I now consider how to make it visually appealing to the reader.

This class also helped me become a better writer because now I carefully consider the best way to present information to readers. Sometimes a memo will do, but other times you need to create a presentation or set of instructions. Through this class, I learned the different ways to present technical information, which will come in handy once I am out of school and working. Overall, this course ended up being interesting and useful to me and I am glad I was required to take
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