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Jadyn Kuperus 262 E Parlier Ave Reedley, CA 93654 (559)391-0658 Bre Fish Snip Snap Salon 123 Elk Road Fort Collins, CO 80521 September 29, 2015 Dear Bre Fish, I am writing this letter to apply for a hairdresser job. The advertisement stated you were looking for an educated and friendly employee for the position. I believe that I have the experience and qualities to be an excellent candidate for the position. I studied cosmetology at Hair Dynamics beauty school, where I later received my certification. I have a great interest in cosmetology and the beauty industry. I am also a part-time freelance makeup artist. I work on photo shoots and weddings. I am very hard-working and enjoy working with different types of people. I believe that these…show more content…
Oak Brook, CA 94023 September 29,2015 Dear Volunteer Coordinator, I am writing this letter to apply for a volunteer job. I heard you were looking for volunteers for your summer wildlife program. I believe that I have the skills and experience to be a great choice for the program. I am currently a 12th-grade student at Dunlap Leadership Academy. I have a great interest in wildlife and would like to pursue a career in that field. I would like to attend Reedley Community College after I graduate, before transferring to a university. Previously, I volunteered at the local animal shelter, where I gave the animals food, cleaned the cages and looked after them. I have also spent time volunteering at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. I believe my past experience will help me succeed at the Oak Brook Wildlife Center. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I can be reached at (559)391-0658 on weekday mornings and the weekends. Thank for taking the time to consider my application. Sincerely, Jadyn
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