Cover Letter for the Nielsen Company

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Greetings Mr. Frankie Long, Author Napoleon Hill, wrote, “Persistence is insurance against failure” in his 1937 publication Think And Grow Rich. Perhaps a person’s success depends primarily on his or her lifelong capacity to sustain their own persistent efforts in the face of such merciless resistance bound to the various ambushing challenges and sudden high-stakes circumstances of life we often find ourselves. With a refreshed perspective, clarity reveals our most profitable business pioneers and successful social rights prizefighters of history, including Mr. Aruther Charles Nielsen, Sr. himself, battled internal and external excuses, the archenemy of progress. I’m convinced Mr. Nielsen shared the belief that excuses were powerful tools of destruction used to build monuments of nothingness, the antithesis of growth and new business development. It is through the lives of our cultural icons we see the power of positive imagination, persistent efforts, organized planning and supreme work ethic yielding expansive and desired results guaranteeing further advancement. Moreover, my education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and my 3 year appointment in collegiate admissions at my alma mater and most recent past year appointment at FOX 6 NEWS-WITI (DMA- Milwaukee, 34 MR) have collectively prepared me to excel as a star Client Manager. I have the necessary public speaking, writing, customer service, data analysis, and effective consulting communication skills to be a
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