Covergirl Ads

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Chelsea Sprague
TVPR 110
December 5, 2012

Advertising is everywhere, it’s online, billboards, magazines, and the most popular television. Different advertising are mostly targeting towards a certain gender, age, or interests. Covergirl advertising is mostly targeted at women, and is also seen in every place you can think of. You most likely could go up to any girl and ask her-what is the Covergirl slogan? Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl. Covergirl has done a great job at advertising there make-up products. Covergirl has branched out to every type of advertising there is. They have commercials, bill boards, online ads, there in many magazines, and they are also being promoted on the poplar show America’s Next Top
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Since Covergirl has been around since the 1960s there used to updating there products and there advertising. They have always kept the same message, and the same slogan. In 10 years though, how will Covergirl’s commercials or advertising change? Were advancing everyday, and improving in technology. How will things be different then what they are today? How will they promote there products in the future? and How do you plan for the future? I don’t think advertising is going to completely change in the future. It might improve, or branch out to different technologies, but I don’t think anything drastic. I think television will still be around, and still have all of there commercials. I don’t think television is going to be as popular as it today though in the future, because everyone is online now and streaming TV and movies without advertisements. There going to have to create more online ads. Or ads for Ipads, Ipods, and I think there going to need to start creating ads that will connect to peoples phone. Advertising is now branching out to social networks and I think thats the best way to advertise because almost everyone has an account on some social network. I think thats the best way to get the word out about your product, besides television commercials. For covergirl it’s easy for them to advertise because there product is sold at so many stores. They are also apart of every social network posting all there commercials,
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