Covergirl Cosmetics Campaign : An Overview Essay

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Jade Gifford
Comp I
2 October 2015


In 1961, Covergirl cosmetics launched nationally with their Clean Liquid Makeup, but in the late 90’s, Covergirl Cosmetics launched the campaign which sloganed the words “Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful.” This campaign takes the star of today and shows that if the product is good enough for a superstar to wear, than she can too. Aside from the “Beautiful” section of the campaign, the “Easy, and Breezy” sections of the campaign are just as important. “Easy” Shows that you do not have to be a professional makeup artist to make this product look its best and that it is easily accessible to whomever may be seeking out the product. “Breezy” is shown by the star applying the product in front of you, displaying how fast you should be able to put on the product, because if this busy star has the time, than you do as well. This ongoing Covergirl Cosmetics campaign is used to inspire the woman in her everyday life to be the best she can possibly be through confidence in looking her best.

In 2010, Covergirl recruited Taylor swift for their campaign. This time representing their new Natureluxe silk foundation. Again, Covergirl is using attractive, superstars to capture the eyes of their audience- girl who want to look like the stars. Swift claims that without this product your face will not be as clean or as light in comparison to all other products even though this is a tad contradicting because Swift is known for having

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