Covert Action Essay

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Covert Action
A Necessary Evil?

The term “Covert Action” brings with it a connotation of shadowy figures wrapped in secrecy and intrigue. It also brings with it a substantial amount of moral questions as to “what is right.” The use of covert action has been widely publicized since the early seventies, but trying to find out the truth to these events has been difficult to say the least. What is even more difficult, is historically recording these events into categories of successes or failures. These operations are difficult to dissect because of their secrecy and although events have been recorded, some facts simply aren’t apparent. This paper will seek to identify the complex issues associated with covert operations. United
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The start of the coup would begin through a series of events highlighting Mossadegh negatively. The first part of this would be to paint Mossadegh and his government as anti-religious due to the ties between him and the Tudeh (and the Soviet Union).(7) The second part of this would be to instill a fear that Mossadegh was leading the country into economic collapse. This would be publicized through the use illegally issued paper money (printed by the CIA).(8) These two factors would cause widespread civil unrest with the people of Iran in which the Shah would remove Mossadegh from office and replace him with Zahedi. The key to the success of the operation was support from the Shah which in part seemed difficult at times because of his indecisiveness. On the morning of 19 August 1953, the coup began and by 5:25pm Zahedi had ascended into power courtesy of the SIS and CIA.
Iran: Aftermath The Shah would remain in power until 1979. A series of events sparking from that day in August 1953 would finally boil over and force him to flee the country. The Shah was viewed as a puppet leader of the western world and forced into exile.(9) There are many factors that relate to the cause of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and many of them involve the Shah and his government. Was the operation viewed as a success? At the time, yes. But looking at the events which unfolded over the period of 1953-1979

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