Covert And Hidden Like A Country Is Ruled By A Long Time

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Anyone that considers themselves a student of history understands that the world has always been ruled by a few "powerful" people. Sometimes it is very overt and in our face, like when a country is ruled by a dynasty of kings, queens, emperors or pharaohs coming from the same bloodline. Sometimes it is very covert and hidden like it is today with a variety of oligarchies running the show from behind the scene. But the constant theme has been that very few people have ruled this planet for a very long time.

However, just because this small group of people has ruled over a much bigger populace does not mean they have the true power in the situation. Since they are vastly outnumbered they need the people they rule over to go along with their
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In general, most of us are against invading a county without being provoked. The problem is the ruling-class are not wired like us. They seem to have an unquenchable thirst for power and control over the rest of us. So, to them, war is beneficial for many reasons- no matter who provokes it. Many will say the biggest reason is that war makes people a lot of money. While this is true, money is now being created out of thin are by the ruling class. Making money not relevant in anything they do. War does do two major things for them, however. Since we vastly outnumber them war is a great way for them to cull the population to levels more easily manageable. It is also a great why for them to steal resources. The last important reason they start wars is to dethrone a sitting leader that has been a puppet to them but is now not playing by their rules. This can be seen in the Middle East when leader have tried refusing or bypassing the petro dollar.

Now that I established why the ruling class needs the common folk to go along with constant wars, let’s look at what exactly a False Flag is and how it gets us into wars.

A False Flag is best described as an attack on a country by its government that is then blamed on someone else to justify going to war or to push a political agenda that usually consist of them gaining power and us common folk losing it (all in the name of protecting us of course). When a
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