Covert : The Changing Face Of Racism

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From Overt to Covert: The Changing Face of Racism in America Society at its very core is destined to change,to be molded by the people that thrive within it. Over time, the values and beliefs of culture and society are grown, fractured and altered. Social issues are abundant in every society, their degree varying as the intensity of bigotry and prejudice do within any given community. Countries like China, Italy, or Japan are very homogeneous in terms of ethnicity, language, and culture. The American public is, on the other hand, often described as a melting pot of disparate cultures, ethnicities, melanin densities, sizes, and beliefs. The country itself was founded on immigration, and so the mingling of different ancestry is something that would only be expected. Bigotry and prejudice were pressing and impassioned issues in the past, but a concerning pattern forms once the fights are over. Once the disadvantaged make a step forward, once they are able to get one hand up on the socioeconomic ladder, the people in power tend to see all the issues that they have faced being solved, when in actuality the issues are deep and complex, unable to be “solved” by any one particular event. Social issues run deeply, and the occurrence of a single victory does not come even remotely close to solving any issue as a whole. Political and social issues often tend to be oversimplified in order to allow the public to check a box on the issue during a voting period. This tactic ends up making
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