Covet All And Lose All In Macbeth

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Covet all and lose all. Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth" It tells a story. Scottish King Duncan's cousin, General Macbeth for the king to resist the invasion and counter-insurgency meritorious return, on the way he met three witches. Witches predicted that he would become the king of Scottish. General Macbeth murders the King Duncan at the instigation of his wife. Macbeth become a king. To deceive the public and to prevent others robbed bit, step by step he killed Duncan’s guards, killed Banquo, Killed nobility Macduff's wife and son. Fear and mistrust make Macbeth grew more and more ghosts, but also more and more cold blood. Lady Macbeth kills herself because of fear and nerve disorders. In the case of deserted, Macbeth faced Duncan's son and
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